Cis de Ridder
Cis de Ridder
Cis de Ridder

Cis de Ridder

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Deze waanzinnige kip uit de oven is om je vingers bij af te likken. Super simpel, maar zo lekker met saus van zongedroogde tomaatjes. Recept op BonApetit!

Case (Inrō) with Design of Frogs, Edo period (1615–1868), 19th century, INRO: powdered gold (maki-e) and colored lacquer on black lacquer, NETSUKE: wood carved in the shape of a mermaid, H. 6.1; W. 6.7; D. 2.2 cm ©The Metropolitan Museum of Art #Inro, #Urushi, #Laque, #Japon, #Lacquer, #Japan

supersnelle mini pizza maken - klaar binnen een half uur

Jokasai III (Japan, died N/A) Inro, Ojime, Netsuke, late 18th - early 19th century Costume/clothing accessory/waistwear, Four-case inro with design of Fusehime in gold takamakie and gray and black lacquer on togidashi ground of gold dust on black lacquer; red-lacquer Daruma ojime; ivory netsuke of five children,

Toy Box Netsuke ~ Japan, 1932 ~ Wood ~ Sōko (Morita Kisaburō) (Japan, 1879-1943)

An ivory obi-hasami netsuke of a merman. Late 19th century With a humanoid head and holding his hands over his ears, the straight fish body with a curled tail fin, and a roundel carved with a coral branch amidst waves on his stomach. On the reverse a seal in raised characters reading Koku.

Netsuke of Flying Goose over Flowers 19th century

Case (Inrō ) with Design of a Gourd Vine, Yasutada KOMA (Japanese), Edo period (1615–1868), 18th century, Case: gold, colored lacquer, gold leaf, and gold foil on red lacquer; (netsuke): ivory and lacquer carved in the shape of a Noh dancer, H. 9.2; W.6; D. 1.8 cm ©The Metropolitan Museum of Art #Inro, #Urushi, #Laque, #Japon, #Lacquer, #Japan

Natural wood table with a green garland runner

Netsuke of Flowers and Praying-Mantis; Scarecrows in a Field Attributed to Ryusa 18th century