Bici cargos

Las bicicletas de carga son bicicletas que han sido diseñadas específicamente para transportar carga, ya sea pesada o liviana, grande o pequeña. Y aunque las…
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a man riding on the back of a motorcycle down a road next to a forest
Cargo bike? More like baby stroller
two dogs sitting in the back of a bike
Firth & Wilson on Twitter
a red cart that has some food on top of it and drinks in the back
a yellow bike is parked next to a red car
Different Twist on the Tricycle
an old fashioned car is on display in a museum with people looking at bikes behind it
an older woman riding on the back of a bike with two younger people in it
Rickshaw Chat the social transport bike by Van Raam | Van Raam
two old fashioned bicycles parked next to each other in front of a wall with drawings on it
a bicycle parked next to a green wall with a basket on it's back
TrendoScope_Cargo Bike
Bike with storage/display space
a blue bike with a bench attached to the back is parked in front of a brick building
VIP Pedicab/Rickshaw Bike Sales - Clean Healthy and Fun Transportation
an orange and blue bicycle parked in the grass next to another bike on it's side
bikecult/bikeworks nyc/archive bicycles/bologna cargo
bikecult/bikeworks nyc/archive bicycles/bologna cargo
a yellow rickshaw is shown on a white background
a yellow rickshaw is parked on the street
rickshaw cart bicycle