Aardappels uit de oven

The perfect baked potato…

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Pastries with whatever you want inside that deceivingly easy to make.

26 Foods You've Been Eating All Wrong

Borrelbrood met kruidenboter en kaas Door uitpaulineskeuken

cottage loaf stuffed with garlic butter / pesto and tasty cheddar cheese - yummmmmm

Aardappels, maar dan net even anders. Leuk voor een diner of met de kerst.

*Potato Roses, Difficult to roll even Mandolin slices thin. Soak potato slices in melted butter. Overlap 8 potato slices than roll to form the rose. Put in muffin tin.

Voor in de zomer... aardbeien gedoopt in yoghurt en dan invriezen... yum!

Yogurt-Dipped Frozen Strawberries “Dip strawberries in yogurt, freeze and you get this amazing snack.” May need to repeat dipping in vanilla greek yogurt to get a good coating. Great idea for after workout snack!

Strawberry Kiwi Popsicles | www.diethood.com | Super easy, delicious, and healthy!

Strawberry Kiwi Popsicles - Super easy, delicious, and healthy! - I'd probably use freshly squeezed lemonade instead of water to give it more flavor.

Via 'smaakvol en bewust koken'

(kids will love) Pancake Bites. Use your favorite pancake mix pour into muffin tins add fruit nuts sausage bacon chocolate chips etc. Bake at 350 for minutes.