Letter Of The Week

Letter Of The Week Crafts

Preschool letter of the week curriculum - fun and engaging letter crafts. Alphabet crafts for preschool.

paintes stones

Alphabet Pebbles for Kids, via Etsy. me: Magnetic rock letters for engaging students in library with alphabet.

kleur de letters van je naam

Name Letter Hunt Freebie Worksheet! Student color the letters in their name-cute way to get the recognizing letters! Great for the first week of school to see who knows their letters or even how to spell their name

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Have kids make letters out of their own bodies to spell a word that you're studying! I could take a picture out of the kids and print it off for an anchor chart!

jeu du prénom coupé

jeu du prénom coupé Name puzzle: I would add the student's photo on the right end and laminate the puzzle for continual use throughout the year.

Verschillende Letters

Very effective use of scissors and magazines to learn letters in Kindergarten.

Diy: Cement A, B, C's for the house number in a flower garden or last name

Alphabet Banner Free Printable, every letter of the alphabet

Free Printable - WHOLE Alphabet Banner

Love the top idea for the front entryway (or lots of other occassions too, or as decor in your child's room.)FREE Printable Banner Letters - The WHOLE Alphabet for any occasion!

Zoek het woord vis, kleuteridee.nl, thema Noordpool en Zuidpool, free printable

Zoek het woord vis, kleuteridee.nl, thema Noordpool en Zuidpool, free printable