Kerst in de klas

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stained glass ornaments are hanging on the window
two windows with candles on them in front of a window sill, one has been made out of stained glass and the other is decorated
several lit candles are sitting on a table with green and yellow paper towels around them
three popsicle stick christmas ornaments on a gray surface with red ribbon hanging from them
Kerstster knutselen | 10 Leuke manier om een ster te maken met kids
paper plates with blue and white designs on them next to other items that are made out of cardboard
Курс "РАДУГА" дети 7-9 лет. – 355 photos
How to Make Toilet Paper Roll Christmas Trees
three handmade christmas cards on a table with shoes next to them and one has a tree made out of paper
there are many small red and white gnomes in baskets on the table with yellow background
a snowflake made out of different colored buttons on a white surface with the words sparkly snowflakes written below it
Sparkly Snowflake Craft for Kids
twelve handmade christmas cards with trees painted on them in green and white colors,
four pictures of trees in the snow with stars and moon on them, all made out of paper