Treasures from the Ocean. Shells of all varities!

Beach Life: We are like shells on the beach; Waves of life wash over and renew us; some shells are removed and we may never see them again- we will always remain connected for that momentary wave that we were nourished and bonded -.

Eenvoudig te maken. Combineer de schelpen met kralen. Leuk  only deco

Shell, twine and glass bead garlands. Great for a beach cottage or wedding decor!

Seashells. Not floral, but equally as beautiful.

She sells sea shells. down by the sea shore: This looks like Treasure Island, Florida

sweet white seashells, sand - love things on the seashore x

them around in your garden, Butterflies drink from them from the rain water collected in them, so do Moths and Dragonflies, Frogs will perch in them and Hummingbirds will drink and bathe in them.

De beaux coquillages qui vous rappelleront les vacances toute l'année ... #summer #beach #holidays

Beach - Weathered sea shells on a pier at the beach on a hot summer day (blue, brown cream)