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a white board with words written on it
Wordle in the Classroom: How Teachers Are Using the Viral Word Game
a clipboard with the words how to use wordle in your ela classroom
How to Use Wordle in the Middle School ELA Classroom
a computer screen with the words routines for the ela classroom on it
12 Classroom Routines to Try in the Secondary ELA Classroom - The Daring English Teacher
a poster with two different types of writing and the words in each one are shown
Middle School ELA Curriculum Pacing Chart
the daily schedule for students to practice their writing and spelling skills in this classroom calendar
Using Mentor Sentences to Teach Grammar in Middle School
Reading, Educational Activities, Lesson Plans, British, Listening Skills, Effective Teaching, Text Evidence Activities, Teaching Resources
My Favorite Podcasts for the Classroom – Engaging and Effective Teaching
the three free weeks middle school digital and print no prep ela bell ringers
Middle School ELA Bell Ringers Three Free Weeks
Routines are so important for the middle school ELA classroom. One routine to include in your classroom is a daily warm-up or bell ringer. Try these bell ringers free for three weeks to review important middle grade and middle school ELA concepts like vocabulary, foreign phrases, grammar, and Greek and Latin roots.
8 different formats for book clubs in middle school ELA.
a poster with headphones on it that says podcast recommendnations for secondary students
Why You Should Be Using Podcasts in Secondary ELA - Building Book Love
If books are a uniquely portable magic, then podcasts are the wizard in your pocket. When you find interesting podcasts for teens that they want to listen to, you will open up a whole new world of literacy for secondary students. Did you know that podcast listeners are 29% more likely to have a household ... Read More about Why You Should Be Using Podcasts in Secondary ELA
the words how to use podcasts in middle school ela classrooms
How to Use Podcasts in Middle School ELA Classrooms - Language Arts Teachers
If you’re wondering how to use podcasts in Middle School ELA classrooms, you’ll love these fascinating podcasts teachers highly recommend!
a microphone with the words active listening on it
10 Great Podcasts for Kids - Top Teaching Tasks
10 Great Podcasts for Kids - Top Teaching Tasks