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a drawing of a lighthouse on top of a hill next to a pair of scissors
Lighthouse illustration, sketchbook illustration.
a drawing of a church with people around it and two pencils next to it
Sketches 2019. Part 1
a person holding up a book with drawings on it
an artist's notebook with colored pencils and watercolor paints next to it
Julia Henze | Online Art Tutor | Top Skillshare Teacher
Drawing May’s original drawings
a collage of houses and people with umbrellas flying in the air over them
Cut paper collage
a hand holding up a card with an image of a person standing on a hill
Artist's Travel Collages Showcase the Bountiful Beauty of the Pacific Northwest
the hands are working on an art project with different colors and shapes, including trees
Blog 3 — AMY WYNNE
some type of art work with paper cut outs on top of it and various colored shapes
Hannah Myers Fine Art
a collage of blue and white paper with words on it
an art piece with torn pieces of paper on top of it and the ocean in the background
a child's hand holding an open children's book with drawings on it
Inside the Sketchbook of Parul Arora
Parul Arora is a London-based artist, illustrator and ceramics maker, whose sketchbooks are as much a place to draw as they are a celebration of colour. Whether she is experimenting with different palettes, testing new materials, making rough sketches or finished works, every page of her sketchbook is brought to life with an abundant approach to colour. In this article, she shares how her process has evolved, and why she devotes a different sketchbook to each aspect of her practice.
four pieces of art with trees and houses on them, all handmade from recycled paper
a person with a marker is making a collage
there is a clock made up of people and buildings
a collage of flowers made out of newspaper strips and other paper items with words written on them
nature — maria carluccio illustration
two people are standing in the middle of a collage with different colors and shapes
a comic strip with the words help and an image of two people hugging each other
Help. Help. I need help.
the invisible things sticker sheet
a drawing of a cat standing on a wooden floor in front of a doorway with yellow walls
happy holidays from me and my pronouns
a hand holding a white frame with rocks arranged in the shape of a heart on it
a painting of a black and white dog on a light blue background, with one eye open