Mud room

I like the closed storage above the baskets and lockers. And still easy to reach when you step on the bench. Obviously skipping the white fabric - they must not have mud or kids in their mud room :) great garage idea


WINTER PROJECT: lovely pitcher display idea for huge family room vaulted wall above kitchen. Note to self: start collecting ALL large pitchers from thirft stores. Paint monotone with a single ASCP color (English Yellow, Emperor's Silk or Barcelona).

kerstsfeer in een landelijk interieur

Basic but Wonderful Recommendations You Must Know to Design Greatly Designed “Villa Paprika” That Attracts Eye Pleasure

Albourne House, West Sussex, UK

My perfect hallway (just add dog)

I could curl up with coffee in this cozy bedroom. Feel the breeze.

Light and Bright Bedroom with linen duvet cover and white pannelled walls. DIY this duvet cover with linen fabric for summer.

Vintage Rose Brocante & Vintage Vanille  This would be so awesome at the top of some stairs for visiting grandkids or just a spot to stop & read/nap!!!

two twin beds. A curtain hung from that cute heading would disguise your "bedroom" if you chose. A curtain would work above as well for either a bed or built in shelves and hanging space for your clothing; I really love the idea of deep, built-in beds

leuk de houten vloer beschildert in ruit motief

I couldn't do a double door, but I like the color for the doors to the playroom and the laundry. The glass pane doors would be a nice touch, maybe frosted, maybe with a touch of color added in a curtain behind the glass.

FleaingFrance Brocante Society Perfection

Kind of love these bathroom sinks. Have always liked the raised sinks. But really like the high faucets, too! I hate how bathroom faucets are always so small and low and too close to the bowl of the sink!