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That window

eclectic mix of eras and styles in this kitchen: farmhouse sink and fixture, white marble counter, leaded glass style window and subway tiles (backsplash). SOOOO love this for my window over my kitchen sink!

THE TROLL CROSS is, according to old Scandinavian folklore a powerful protection symbol efficient on both evil trolls and other similar beings that might be lurking in the woods. Iron and steel is feared by the trolls, and steel in a crosswise pattern is even more efficient. This pendant protects the bearer from evil, and this and similar symbolic designs has been widely used to protect both people, animals and buildings.

The troll cross amulet~ circle of iron crossed at the bottom (possibly in the shape of an odal rune), worn by early Scandinavian peoples as a protection against trolls and elves. Iron and crosses were both believed to ward off evil beings.

Copper Furniture Collection, Forged Metal Twig Chair

Forged Metal Chair - Twig Design - Wood Seat - Item # - Can be made as an arm chair. - Can be made with Upholstered Fabric or Leather seat. - Available painted Black or Brown Metal