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an open window with the words treatments for arched and half moon windows
How to curtain arched windows
Inspiration and ideas for dressing a traditional arched window. Curtains in blue silkt installed in an arched window in a Fife bedroom. By Edinburgh and Fife curtainmaker Catherine Lepreux Interiors
a living room with white walls and blue curtains on the windowsills is shown
Curtain ideas for bay windows in Edinburgh - Catherine Lepreux Interiors
Looking for window treatment ideas for bay windows in Edinburgh? Check out ideas for luxury curtains from a bespoke curtain maker for the bay window in your living room. Blinds can be a great way to dress the bedroom bay window in your period property in Edinburgh, particularly if you have bench seating under the window.
the words neutral decor or colorful interiors which do you prefer? on top of an assortment of rugs
Neutral décor vs colourful interiors | Catherine Lepreux Interiors Curtain Maker
In the blog, we share expert guidance from Catherine Lepreux Interiors on what you need to consider when you're selecting colour schemes for your home. Whether you’re aiming for an eclectic home filled with colour or a calm neutral decor for your living room and bedroom, check out our blog for some pro design tips.
the right way to hang curtains in an empty room with text overlay that reads how to hang curtains the right way
How to Hang Curtains the Right Way | Catherine Lepreux Interiors
The bespoke curtainmaker's ultimate guide to choosing curtain poles and tracks. How to decide whether to buy a curtain pole or track and which fitting is best for your choice of curtains. How to select the correct curtain rod. The best way to place your curtain pole and track at the right height so that it looks in proportion with your tall traditional windows..<br>
an open window with the words how to add a bespoke touch to plain fabrics
How to Jazz Up Plain Curtains, Blinds & Cushions | Catherine Lepreux Interiors
There are a lot of ways to jazz up a plain fabric to the next level, but I believe that contrast or braid borders are best, especially when they reflect the main colour used in the room. Find out more on my blog!<br>
a white table with blue plates and flowers on it
Trimmings for Curtains, Blinds & Cushions | Catherine Lepreux Interiors
Want to make sure your new handmade curtains and blinds harmonise with your existing colour scheme and home décor? Then trimmings like contrast borders, pompoms, tiebacks and braids can be the perfect way to achieve that. Find out more on my blog!<br>
the curtain is open and ready to be hung
Styles of Curtain Headings to Complement Your Interior Design | Catherine Lepreux Interiors
In the blog, Catherine Lepreux Interiors explores ideas for curtain headings for living rooms and bedrooms. You may already know about single pleats and triple pleats, but there are plenty of other stylish curtain heading options to be considered. In our blog, we give you a handy guide to different types of curtain headings, pointing out which ones work best for different windows and rooms. Don't forget to visit our blog and our website to get more ideas for your home decor and window coverings!
the top tips for hanging curtains like an interior designer by cathlina lapex interiors
Top Tips for Hanging Your Curtains Like a Pro | Catherine Lepreux Interiors
Choosing the right curtain pole and track is essential to make sure your curtains hang properly. Easy ways to select the correct curtain rod for awkward windows. The best way to install your curtain pole and track above the window for tradtional Victorian sash windows. How to hang curtains in a tricky bay window. The best curtain pole for heavy curtains.<br>
two windows with blue roman shades on them
Roman blinds for bay windows
Whether you have a traditional splayed, or a contemporary square, bay window, here is some decorating inspiration on how to dress a bay window. Instead of curtains, install roman blinds. Installing roman blinds in a bay window minimises loss of light in a bay window and keeps the look contemporary. Roman blinds are an ideal solution if you have a reading nook, window seat in your living room or a kitchen breakfast corner in your bay window. <br>
the curtains are hanging in front of the window
Roman blinds and pelmets: Everything you need to know | Catherine Lepreux Interiors
Got a corner window that you don't know how to dress? Roman blinds with matching pelmets are a grea window treatment for corner windows or square bay windows.
an image of curtains with the words create eye catching features with contrast and colors on them
How to Use Trims for Window Treatments | Catherine Lepreux Interiors
Contrast Borders and similar trimmings for your handmade curtains and blinds are not only a great way to protect your window treatments, they also adding a splash a colour or make your fabric pop. Find out the best way to add passementerie to your curtains and blinds on my blog!<br>
the big drapery mistake you might be making
How to Choose the Perfect Curtain Pole | Catherine Lepreux Interiors
The ultimate guide from a bespoke curtainmaker to choosing curtain poles and tracks. How to decide whether a curtain pole or track and which fitting is best for your choice of curtains at your traditional period windows. How to hang curtains in a bay window at a traditional property in Edinburgh and Fife.. The best curtain pole for heavy curtains.<br>
the words how to dress tricky corner windows are in front of an upholstered chair
Corner Windows: Pelmets & Blinds for Awkward Shaped Windows | Catherine Lepreux Interiors
Got two windows in a corner and not sure what to do for window treatments? If you don't want curtains at your tricky corner windows, bespoke pelmets and matching roman blinds are a great way to give the room a sophisticated, consistent look without blocking out too much daylight.<br>
roman blinds and pelmets everything you need to know by cathernie lefox interiors
Roman blinds in a square bay window
Inspiration on how to dress two windows at right angles to each other. Everything you need to know about roman blinds with matching pelmets to maximise the light and keep the lines clean and simple in a corner bay window.
a close up of a metal object with text overlay reading a bespoke touch for your curtains & blinds
How to Use Trimmings for Curtains, Blinds & Cushions | Catherine Lepreux Interiors
When it comes to trimmings for curtains, blinds, cushions & pelmets there is a lot to choose from: from piping, beads, braids, pompoms to tassels, contrast borders and tiebacks. How, when and where to make the most of tassels, braids, fringes and pompoms<br>