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curtains and blinds for difficult windows
Window treatments for awkward windows | Catherine Lepreux Interiors
French windows, bow windows, a row of windows, small windows with deep recess & more - get ideas & inspiration for dressing awkward window shapes and sizes<br>
the interior guide for electric home and neutral decor is shown in three different pictures with text overlay that reads expert guide
Neutral décor vs colourful interiors | Catherine Lepreux Interiors Curtain Maker
Are you a fan of colourful home decor or do you prefer neutral decor for your interiors? Whatever your preference, from children & pets to your location & lifestyle, there are a few practical implications that you should consider before choosing your colour scheme. In this blog, we've compiled some handy tips of things to consider for your home interior design
a close up of a metal object with text overlay reading a bespoke touch for your curtains & blinds
How to Use Trimmings for Curtains, Blinds & Cushions | Catherine Lepreux Interiors
When it comes to trimmings for curtains, blinds, cushions & pelmets there is a lot to choose from: from piping, beads, braids, pompoms to tassels, contrast borders and tiebacks. How, when and where to make the most of tassels, braids, fringes and pompoms<br>
a white table with blue plates and flowers on it
Trimmings for Curtains, Blinds & Cushions | Catherine Lepreux Interiors
Want to make sure your new handmade curtains and blinds harmonise with your existing colour scheme and home décor? Then trimmings like contrast borders, pompoms, tiebacks and braids can be the perfect way to achieve that. Find out more on my blog!<br>
the blue roman blind is hanging in front of a window with white trim and striped blinds
Ideas for custom window treatments | Catherine Lepreux Interiors | Curtainmaker
Looking for ideas for custom window treatments in your living room, bedroom or snug? Edinburgh curtainmaker Catherine Lepreux Interiors can help you select the colours, fabrics and designs to create truly bespoke handmade curtains and blinds for your windows. Check out the website for inspiration.
a table with a lamp on it and the words how to bring color into a warm neutral living room
Ideas for adding colour to neutral living room decor | Curtain Maker Catherine Lepreux Interiors
In this blog, Catherine Lepreux Interiors offers inspiration on how to cosy up neutral living room design with warm colours. When it comes to sprucing up your home decor or refreshing your interior design, choosing the right colour schemes is key. If you’re unsure about whether bold colour or calming neutrals are the best colour scheme for your home, be sure to check out our blog. We’ve laid out our top tips to help guide your decision.
an empty room with a radiator, window and curtain in the corner on the wall
How to Dress Extra Tall Period Windows | Catherine Lepreux Interiors
The curtainmaker's guide on how to dress tall and large windows. Solutions for curtains for tall traditional windows in Edinburgh period homes. Ideas for curtains in rooms with large windows and high ceilings.
a red chair sitting in front of a window next to a wooden dresser with a vase on top of it
How to Protect Floors, Curtains and Furniture from Sun DamageCatherine Lepreux Interiors
Ways to protect your floor, curtains and furniture from sun damage. UV rays from the sun are the main cause of faded soft furnishings, wooden flooring and upholstered furniture. Read more on the blog for advice on preventing sun damage to your furniture and flooring.
the curtains in this room are white
Bespoke Voile Curtains & Blinds for Privacy- Catherine Lepreux Interiors
Big, wide windows are a great way to flood your home with light. And with semi-sheer (or voile) curtains you’re able to enjoy the light while not worrying about nosy neighbours. And, like this client with a contemporary penthouse in Edinburgh, get some shade from the bright early morning sun.
the words neutral decor or colorful interiors which do you prefer? on top of an assortment of rugs
Neutral décor vs colourful interiors | Catherine Lepreux Interiors Curtain Maker
In the blog, we share expert guidance from Catherine Lepreux Interiors on what you need to consider when you're selecting colour schemes for your home. Whether you’re aiming for an eclectic home filled with colour or a calm neutral decor for your living room and bedroom, check out our blog for some pro design tips.
a living room with white walls and blue curtains on the windowsills is shown
Curtain ideas for bay windows in Edinburgh - Catherine Lepreux Interiors
Looking for window treatment ideas for bay windows in Edinburgh? Check out ideas for luxury curtains from a bespoke curtain maker for the bay window in your living room. Blinds can be a great way to dress the bedroom bay window in your period property in Edinburgh, particularly if you have bench seating under the window.
the interior guide for neutral decor and colorful interiors
Tips for interior décor colour schemes | Bespoke Curtain Maker Edinburgh Catherine Lepreux Interiors
In the blog, Scottish curtain maker Catherine Lepreux Interiors is sharing tips when planning your interior decor colour schemes. The light in northern latitudes can make it a tricky decision on whether to go for neutral decor or colourful decor in your home decorating colour sheme. We've laid out some helpful ideas of things to consider when planning your interior design, including using accent colours and contrast colours for room inspiration.
the words solution for dressing awkward windows are in front of a window curtain
How to dress difficult shaped windows | Catherine Lepreux Interiors
French windows, bow windows, a row of windows, small windows with deep recess & more - get ideas & inspiration for dressing awkward window shapes and sizes<br>
the curtain is open and ready to be hung
Styles of Curtain Headings to Complement Your Interior Design | Catherine Lepreux Interiors
In the blog, Catherine Lepreux Interiors explores ideas for curtain headings for living rooms and bedrooms. You may already know about single pleats and triple pleats, but there are plenty of other stylish curtain heading options to be considered. In our blog, we give you a handy guide to different types of curtain headings, pointing out which ones work best for different windows and rooms. Don't forget to visit our blog and our website to get more ideas for your home decor and window coverings!
the top tips for hanging curtains like an interior designer by cathlina lapex interiors
Top Tips for Hanging Your Curtains Like a Pro | Catherine Lepreux Interiors
Choosing the right curtain pole and track is essential to make sure your curtains hang properly. Easy ways to select the correct curtain rod for awkward windows. The best way to install your curtain pole and track above the window for tradtional Victorian sash windows. How to hang curtains in a tricky bay window. The best curtain pole for heavy curtains.<br>