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a wire tree sculpture sitting on top of a window sill
Tree of Life sun-catcher that I made using wire and glass beads
the best ever roasted garlic mushrooms
Roasted Mushrooms with Garlic & Thyme - Cakescottage
an old wooden step ladder leaning against a wall in the grass next to some bushes
Mi Wedding Diario
Mi Wedding Diario: Inspiración para Bodas en San Valentin
an art piece with flowers and words on it, all things grow better with them
Buy and sell on the world's most socially driven marketplace | Storenvy
This 3-foot Art Pole features bold, bright colors and messaging all things grow from a mother's love. It makes a uniquely beautiful addition to any lawn or garden. A Studio M exclusive, Art Poles are an impactful way to bring beautiful artwork to any landscape. Ultra-durable for years of enjoyment.
a drawing of flowers and butterflies with a dragon fly in the sky behind them on a white background
flowers, garden variety
an art work with flowers and words on it, including sunflowers in the background
Plant Happiness Art Pole- 3 Ft.
Restore the Mind, Body and Soul any avid gardener knows this to be true! Durable…
a painting with words on it that says focus on the journey, not the destination
I really like the quote and its font style
a black and white drawing of two birds sitting on top of each other with flowers in the background
the alphabet is drawn in black and white with an ornate font pattern on it's side
How to Draw Calligraphy Doodles - Create Mixed Media
How to Draw Calligraphy Doodles
a drawing of a rooster with numbers on it
Doodle101 / The Rooster
a piece of paper with writing on it and the words love written in different languages
Doodle Grid with DERWENT INKTENSE Watercolor pencils
A few hours of coloring and listening to worship music is my favorite way to start a day. The above, started out in pencil and then was outlined in pen. Next, I colored it in using DERWENT INKTENS…
a painting with flowers and butterflies on it that says life doesn't have to be perfect
Life doesn't have to be perfect to be wonderful ♥
an open book with birds and flowers on the pages that say, look on the bright side
Spotlight on Tim Holtz – Day 1 (Clips-n-Cuts » Art Journal)
Spotlight on Tim Holtz – Day 1 (Clips-n-Cuts » Art Journal)
an art journal with colorful flowers and words on the pages, including text that reads enjoy the journey
Newest Gelli Print Art
Joanna Grant Mixed Media Art: Newest Gelli Print Art