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making cartoons  #JeSuisCharlie!?

I don't agree with discriminately protecting groups at all. Discrimination is discrimination, no matter who does it. And so, I believe in the right to free speech, including free criticism for EVERYONE!

gay #JeSuisCharlie!?

gay #JeSuisCharlie!?

split head  #JeSuisCharlie!?

split head #JeSuisCharlie!?

lazy chair killing  #JeSuisCharlie!?

B’Tselem: Israel Violated International Law in Gaza

justicia  #JeSuisCharlie!?

Classic depiction of our president, Jacob Zuma, raping the justice system. It is a fact amongst most South Africans that he is the biggest crook of them all (a rapist, thief and liar)

Arabic Spring  #JeSuisCharlie!?

Arabic Spring #JeSuisCharlie!?

fatah-hamas  #JeSuisCharlie!?

The fact that terrorists have made a home in Iraq, well, we have our Imperial President to thank for that one. On the other hand, with respect to a bunch of dead and wounded terrorists, we

Geneva  #JeSuisCharlie!?

Geneva #JeSuisCharlie!?

combat boots  #JeSuisCharlie!?

"According to Palestinians sources, some of the shells landed on a home, killing 11 members of one family called Al-Athamneh, including a chi. The Killing Fields of Gaza