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a poster with the words finding my life purpose
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24 Morning Journal Prompts for a Great Day
the instagram page on instagram com is full of post - it notes
a bulletin board hanging on the wall with instructions to help students learn how to read
a bulletin board with sticky notes on it that says it's make a shift monday
24 Morning Message Ideas to Get Your Day Started on the Right Foot
the back to school sign that says engaging icebreaker games for older students with basketball on it
Back-to-School Icebreakers for High School Students
Looking for back-to-school icebreakers for high school students? Here is a list of 8 icebreaker games that older students love! These icebreaker activities are engaging and age-appropriate for teenagers in middle school and high school. They include question prompts, get-to-know-you activities, scavenger hunts, writing prompts, and icebreaker games like bingo. Your students will have fun with music, memes, critical thinking, and collaborative team-building activities. Check this list out!