My Mom used them for us- she called them waterproofs

Vintage diaper pants (for use with cloth diapers). caused rash because the plastic pant wouldn't allow airing

You needed a garter belt to hold up your nylons. my mother's generation had stockings with seams on the back. my generation started with garter belts and then pantyhose were invented.

We wore black lyle stockings for school in Orange & always with a garter belt. Going out we wore clear nylon stockings & we used clear nail polish to stop a run. Pantyhose had just come to be the norm when I started work in

The Drive-In . . . really don't know if I ever saw the end of a movie . . .

The Drive-In.remember seeing The Sound of Music in Pearland. We sat in lawn chairs and ate popcorn that Mom made at home. (Oh and we drank Tang!

kinderwagen uit de jaren 50: 2 v onze kinderen sliepen er in 2003 en 2007 in!

kinderwagen uit de jaren had one of these for my baby ~j