Meer ideeën van Kiki

I lost my heart to the ocean and with it a piece of my soul. Not much for surfing, but a tattoo maybe ?

love this for the #Living Rooms

Luna Guitars - Safari Peace. ~This is the Luna I have. Very sweet sound, and comfortable to play.~

Blue Pop Art Guitar by BeesCuriosityShoppe on Etsy

So I was bored during a snow day! The finish on my Pawn Shop Takamine had cracked, my Mom's watercolor tree painting inspired me, and I found some sharpies!

Sharpie art on an old broken guitar i found in the trash. One man's trash is another women's treasure ;)

I too decorated my guitar with a sharpie recently! Also, guitar for temperate.

MUSIC LOVERS-- check out this week's Zenspirations® blog: Rhythm, Rhyme, Scripture & Song! Hi Everyone, I come from a musical family; my Dad is a cellist, my brother plays jazz violin, two of my cousins are professional musicians, and my uber talented daughter is a worship leader and songwriter. For me, music and prayer are inexorably intertwined and I often incorporate musical themes into my work. This is … Continue reading Rhythm, Rhyme, Scripture & Song

El Corazón del Hombre es un instrumento musical, contiene una música grandiosa. Dormida, pero está allí, esperando el momento apropiado para ser interpretada, expresada, cantada, danzada. Y es a través del Amor que el momento llega... ॐ Rumi