Colliin Lensen

Colliin Lensen

Colliin Lensen
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Discovery Kids :: Tell Me - Anatomy of an Earthworm

A new Dutch/US study has revealed earthworms accelerate carbon release. The report, which was published in the Nature journal, states that it is not so much the earthworms' fault, but the soil in which they live.

The Cottage Garden

The Cottage Garden Love the path and the old gate. I do wonder how long a gate like this would last. Me: I need a gate like this for my garden path to come!

A Hocking Hill's Garden: Summer Containers Part 2

A Hocking Hill's Garden: Summer Containers Part This website has wonderful ideas for using baskets as planters outside.basket lovers will like it!

strawberries in a pot

Alpine strawberries: perennials produce all summer, have no runners, produce fruits on top of the plant out of reach of slugs, take light shade, and reseed themselves.