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Tips and tricks to help you along the way to make the most pretty projects
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a pink and white checkered table cloth with the words yardage chart
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the instructions for how to make perfectly flat pinwheels on a quilter's machine
How to Get a Flat Pinwheel Quilt Block | Quilt Tutorial | Rachel Rossi
An awesome guide on how to sew and press pinwheel quilt blocks so that they lay flat. Reducing bulk in pinwheel seams is totally worth the effort!
Our 2016 Quilt Design Fellowship Winner, Sheri Cifaldi-Morrill, is sharing her smart strategy for making scrappy, stash-busting quilt bindings. Machine Quilting, Quilt Tutorials, Quilt Binding, Quilt Border, Quilting Tutorials, Quilting Techniques
Craftsy.com | Express Your Creativity!
Our 2016 Quilt Design Fellowship Winner, Sheri Cifaldi-Morrill, is sharing her smart strategy for making scrappy, stash-busting quilt bindings.
an open file cabinet with the title how to tape, cut and store sewing patterns
How to Tape, Cut and Organize Your PDF Sewing Patterns
Learn How To Tape, Cut and Organize Your PDF Sewing Pattern for Easy Storage and Access. All a Part of The Beginner's Guide to Sewing Knit Apparel.
several different types of blue and green paper on top of each other, with the same pattern
2-minute video tutorial: 3D hexagon quilt block
2-minute video tutorial: 3D hexagon quilt block
several pieces of paper are laid out on the table
Half Rectangle Triangle Block Tutorial | Bonjour Quilts
How to sew and trim half rectangle triangles (HRTs) - Kirsty of Bonjour Quilts
an info sheet with different colors and sizes
Everything You Need To Know About The Rail Fence Quilt Pattern - Suzy Quilts
This FREE Rail Fence quilt pattern is perfect for a beginner quilter or someone with a short amount of time. Start with a jelly roll and make this quilt top in a single day! The look of this design can drastically change based on the fabrics you choose.
two pieces of yellow and white fabric sitting on top of a cutting board next to a ruler
Easy Hexagon Star Quilt
I recently posted some snapshots of this quilt in various places… …and I have gotten some great feedback and requests for a pattern. So I thought I would put together a little tutorial. This qui…
how to triangle quilting tips for beginners, including the triangles and squares on the table
Craftsy.com | Express Your Creativity!
If you don’t like cutting and stitching loose triangles together on the bias, or need to make lots and lots of half-square triangles for a quilting project, here’s a quick and easy solution.
the instructions to make an origami quilt
Video tutorial: tumbling blocks without Y seams
Video tutorial: No Y seams tumbling blocks - easy quilting
four different types of geometric designs
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how to use quilt rulers properly on the cover of a book with an image of a ruler
How to Use Quilting Rulers Properly
Quilting rulers come in all different sizes and shapes. Heather Thomas will teach you how to use them properly by explaining what all of the different hash lines on them are for as well as the diagonal lines.
the 9 patch quilt block pattern is shown in blue and red, with different patterns
9 Patch Quilt Block | Sewing Term
Quilting basics. An introduction to this foundation block for quilters - the 9-patch quilt block. Everything you need to know about how to sew it, and lots of variations on designs you can make with this basic 9-patch block design. Works great with jelly rolls, and perfect for creating pixel-quilts too. For more quilting tips, visit The Sewing Loft
the instructions to make a quilt that's easier than it looks
Daydreams of Quilts: Frog Pond Free Quilt Tutorial