Playlist made for the party: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLvBpwKImn1ZIP8WgP7rCsaN4S9H-3rPpJ
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The dress I rented from Rent the Runway for our engagement party Mini Dress Runway, Cocktail Dress Purple, Dress Runway, Purple Cocktail Dress, V Neck Cocktail Dress, Dress 2016, Time Of Your Life, Rent The Runway, Dress Images
The dress I rented from Rent the Runway for our engagement party
the words love is friends set on fire written in red ink over an old piece of paper
8 Inspiring Quotes About Love and Dating to Jumpstart Your Weekend
a ring that has some food in it
The Simpsons themed ring, side view
the simpsons character is talking to another person
The inspiration behind the custom engagement ring, made by NeatEats on Etsy
someone is holding a tiny ring with doughnuts in it's center and the words truth you up written on it
Custom Simpsons themed ring for Exuan
a box filled with lots of pink and purple flowers
I squished so many flower arrangements in one box, they were in mason jars
a long table is set with food and drinks
Full table
the table is set with desserts and wine glasses
Table setting
a person's hand with a ring on it and food in the bowl behind them
My engagement ring, The Simpsons themed.. "Any ring is fine as long as it's from you"
a pink donut with sprinkles on it sitting on top of a book
Cards at my engagement party. The Simpsons themed
a person holding a bottle opener with a wrench on it's end, in front of a wooden fence
The Bottle Wrench Bottle Opener Key Chain Size Black | Etsy
The Bottle Wrench Bottle Opener - Key Chain Size - Black - this is so cool!
the italian soap bar is purple and has an elephant on it's side,
Aztec Collection - Aztec Truffle Collection, 12 pieces
twelve chocolates in a purple box with an ornate design on the front and side
Hazelnut Crunchy Pralines - Piemonte Hazelnut Crunchy Pralines
six chocolate covered candies are in a purple box next to a cardboard box with the word mash bill on it
Shop All Chocolates
Beer + Chocolate - Mash Bill Truffle Collection, 9 pieces
the wedding favors are on sale for $ 9 99 each or more at this store
Wedding Favors, Bridal & Baby Shower Favors & Gifts | Beau-coup
Vintage Airmail Favor Box Kit. Used these for our engagement party.