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a painting of a zebra with trees in the background
Zebra and Giraffe Safari Portraits
MaryMaking: Zebra and Giraffe Safari Portraits
a poster with the words, how big is my problem? and four smiley faces
LaRussa, Lori / Social Emotional learning
LaRussa, Lori / Zones of Regulation
a bulletin board with water drops and words on it that say how full is your bucket?
How Full Is Your Bucket? Are you filling peoples' buckets with uplifting actions and words, or taking from them?
a bulletin board with yellow stars on it and words written in different languages that spell out the word catastrapine scale
catastrophe scale working with the kids to identify what is a little problem and what is a huge problem ❤️ #casatrophescale #primaryschool #primaryteacher #prep #prepteacher #prepclassroom #iteachtoo #teachersfollowteachers #relationallearning #zoneofregulations #emotions #problemsolving #aussieteacher #anchorchart