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a woman and girl standing in front of a whiteboard with the words 5 ways teachers teach
Dealing with Misbehavior
Teachers work so hard to have classrooms that will lead to a positive environment for students to behave and learn well. But could some of our teacher habits actually lead to student MISBEHAVIOR? This post shares common habits that "encourage" students to misbehave in the classroom. PLUS tips on how to change those bad habits. #studentmisbehavior #classroommanagement #dealingwithbehavior #positiveclassroommanagement #tipsforteachers
a clock with the words tips for successful morning routine written on it, in front of a chalkboard background
Morning Routines for a Successful Classroom
Tips for successful morning routines, morning work, classroom management, spiral review morning work. Free Morning Routine checklist planner
the words genius living - up struggles to make your life easier are shown in this collage
26 Genius Lining-Up Strategies To Make Your Life Easier
15 Genius Lining-up Strategies to Make Your Life Easier. Is lining up a struggle in your classroom? Check out these teacher-tested tips and ideas to make this part of your day much more organized. #elementaryschool #Classroommanagement
there is a classroom with desks and chairs that have the words teachers'favorite classroom management strategy that work
Top Classroom Management Strategies for Elementary
What are your tried and true classroom management strategies that work across most grade levels? These are some of teachers'' favorite classroom management strategies as they take little effort to implement and are a foundation to a good relationship with students.
the early finisher activities for upper elementary students
Early Finishers in the Upper Elementary Classroom - Fun in 5th Grade & MORE
Check out this post for ideas and tips for giving your early finisher students meaningful choices when they finish their work early. Includes free book review activity and editable choice boards. via @funin5thgrade
a bulletin board with some writing on it that says, why my students follow directions the first time
5 Quick Tricks for Getting Students to Follow Directions – Teacher Trap
You CAN get your students to follow directions the first time! Here are some simple and fast tricks for making sure your students will understand, remember, and follow your directions (the first time). #classroommanagement #followingdirections #classroommanagementstrategies #classroommanagementtools #teachingtips #elementary #kindergarten #firstgrade #secondgrade #thirdgrade #fourthgrade #fifthgrade #teachertrap
the game to make classroom procedure more engaging
7 Classroom Procedures Games that Students Will Love | Fun in 5th Grade
Classroom procedure review can be boring. Make it fun by using these games to practice and review. Free game included for you to use in small groups.
the cover of how to handle students who give you attitude
How To Handle Students Who Give You Attitude Smart Classroom Management
Eye rolls, deep sighs, melodramatic body language . . . They're responses to teacher requests or reminders (i.e. 'Please put your backpack away.') that aren't quite disrespectful. But darn close. Sometimes they're accompanied by a sarcastic 'Sorry!' or 'Oh my gosh!' They're delivered indirectly and out of frustration and are usually not malicious. They do, however, have a way of getting under the teacher's skin. So much so that here at SCM we've...
a woman standing in front of a whiteboard with writing on it that says how i tackle classroom management in 7th grade science
Class Management System for Middle/High School
best classroom management plan I've seen - use this to add structure to current cool friday system
classroom time fillers for students to use in their writing and reading skills, including an apple
Time-Filler. It's NOT a Dirty Word Anymore.
Activities for filling wasted time in the classroom.
a man covering his face with both hands and the words how to handle a class that tests you right from the get - go
How To Handle A Class That Tests You Right From The Get-Go Smart Classroom Management
Smart Classroom Management: How To Handle A Class That Tests You Right From The Get-Go
a classroom job board with clothes pins pinned to it and the words classroom jobs on them
Class Jobs Made Easy
True Life I'm a Teacher
the text reads 25 easy tips to get a takative class under control with colorful letters
25 Chatty Class Classroom Management Strategies for Overly Talkative Students
25 Chatty Class Classroom Management Tips that are quick and easy to get an overly talkative class under control
an empty hallway with the words creative ways to create consequents on it
Creative Consequences | Continually Learning
Creative Consequences. Unique consequences for the classroom. #education #teaching #creativeconsequences #consequences #punishment #classroom