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Planning for the perfect moment at the perfect time in the perfect place for the perfect reason is what Libra does. If a libra says one thing and acts another, chances are that Libra is planning something BIG. (Good or Bad) Libra Love, Virgo And Libra, Zodiac Mind Libra, Aquarius, Libra Sign, My Zodiac Sign, Libra Quotes, Quotes Quotes, Crush Quotes

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so I was born on one of the days that usta be both Libra and Scorpio so i exhibit traits of both Libra Zodiac Facts, Libra Quotes, Zodiac Mind, Libra Sign, My Zodiac Sign, Astrology Signs, Ascendant Balance, All About Libra, Libra Traits

This is a very accurate description of me. I devote myself to family especially and when they take that for granted it does permanent damage to what was a beautiful relationship. Sad. But just how it is.

This is accurate on a whole different level! Tell me if you're a sweetheart Libra too >>> YES! I'm a Libra too, and this is beyond accurate, love to all Libras out there love to everyone in general lol :) Libra Zodiac Facts, Libra Quotes, Zodiac Mind, Zodiac Memes, Quotes Quotes, Libra Love, Virgo And Libra, Aquarius, Libra Daily

yep. if you don't have any brains I'll be bored very quickly and my mind will wander elsewhere

As long as you reciprocate it back to libra. If not you will find yourself alone and forgotten from the thoughts of libra. Libra will find a soul that will mirror libras desires. Libras want an equal partner and nothing else. Libra Sign, My Zodiac Sign, Anniversary Quotes, Libra Love, Gemini, Libra Astrology, Aquarius, Libra Horoscope Today, Horoscope Signs

When a Libra loves you, they love you with their entire soul. They will always accommodate to make sure that your happiness comes first. ~ I do, and I try

Libra Personality Traits and Fun Facts - astrology, zodiac, sign, sun… Libra Zodiac Facts, Libra Quotes, Zodiac Mind, Astrology Zodiac, Libra Sign, My Zodiac Sign, Libra Traits, Libra Personality Traits, Libra Characteristics

This is why I go through phases where sometimes it's REALLY difficult for me to "let it go" or "let it be".

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The Unexpected Truth About Libra Horoscope – Horoscopes & Astrology Zodiac Star Signs Libra Zodiac Facts, Libra Quotes, Zodiac Mind, Quotes Quotes, Qoutes, Zodiac Cancer, Status Quotes, Cancer Facts, Thoughts



Libra ♎️ that explains a lot! Libra Zodiac Facts, Libra Quotes, Libra Horoscope, Zodiac Mind, Libra Love, Virgo And Libra, Libra Sign, My Zodiac Sign, All About Libra

Libras get sick largely because they suppress their inner most desires to please everyone else's. This frustration leads to illness.

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