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Quiz - Which Narnia Character are You? -

I love how we got to see Edmund transform into a bratty little kid to a man who wants to help and protect Narnia. I think that Skandar Keynes plays him brilliantly.

Quiz - Which Narnia Character are You? -

Lucy Pevensie (books only). Aslan calls her a lioness himself. She will walk boldly into the unknown, and fight fiercely to be trusted and respected.

William Moseley and Georgie Henley as Peter and Lucy. This is so adorable <3

William Moseley and Georgie Henley on the set of Prince Caspian (Peter Pevensie and Lucy Pevensie in The Chronicles of Narnia)

My favorite part! It is the moment you find out Peter really loves Edmund, and truly forgave him

As the oldest among the Pevensies, Peter loves all his siblings including Edmund, even though he was the traitor in the family. Blood is thicker than water.