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chakotay tat

Chakotay Tattoo, Mint / Near Mint Condition Card, Star Trek, Voyager, Season Series 1995 Skybox.

Chakotay's scorpion story

Currently this is a heavily Janeway/Chakotay (Star Trek: Voyager) space.

I love the way he looks at her

“ delete-the-wife: “ startrekhugs: “ [Image: Gif. Janeway reaches out for Chakotay’s hand.] Voyager, “Unimatrix Zero” ” They think she’s going on a suicide mission, right?

Yup!  Chakotay was a very pretty man!!!

Yup, Chakotay was a pretty handsome bloke!

mental-leaps:  The Voyager crew (they have the most ridiculous publicity shots!)

"mental-leaps: The Voyager crew (they have the most ridiculous publicity shots!)" <-- alas, even I, in my loyal fan-girling, cannot suppress a giggle.

Danger According to Janeway's Hair Infographic. This was bad Janeway hair, seasons 1-3. After that, the whole thing changed....

ladytimelords: “sarcochrane: “Me and the Mrs have been watching a lot of Star Trek voyager as of late, we have noticed a correlation between Janeway’s hair and impending doom. ” this is possibly the most accurate thing I have ever.

I'd love to see Kirk and Janeway face off, she would so kick his ass :D

Star Trek, Captain James T. Kirk (William Shatner), and Star Trek Voyager, Captain Kathryn Janeway (Kate Mulgrew). Twice The Captain Meme.