Studio Roller

An industrial wall mounted paper roller for commercial and residential environments. This kraft paper roll is in Little & Friday, Auckland, New Zealand. Available for shipping worldwide.

Creative kitchen gadgets

Your Eggs Are About To Get A Whole Lot Cuter, Thanks To These Epic Egg Cups

Arthur boiled egg cup and knight of the round table along with eating spoon. Your egg in shining armour. Includes 1 x soft boiled egg holder and spoon. Great new product from peleg design adds a fun twist to your morning soft boiled egg.

Oiladdin - Peleg Design @abodeebenelux #oliveoil #pourer

Oiladdin - Peleg Design @abodeebenelux #oliveoil #pourer

Betty, Spoonrest - Monkey Business #kitchenhelper

Betty, Spoonrest - Monkey Business #kitchenhelper

Aliens, Accessories

Sponge Duck - Qualy | Abonee

This little duck will help your cleaning go swimmingly. He looks after your sponge so it can dry when you finish using it, and he'll sit on it until you need it next.

Abodee | Stylish Gifts - Kitchen Fun! - Stedi, Funnel - Monkey Business

Abodee | Stylish Gifts - Kitchen Fun! - Stedi, Funnel - Monkey Business

Mr. Sponge - Peleg design

Sponge Sponge holder A plastic kitchen sponge holder, with an elegant attitude. Designed for Peleg Design.

Video games are cool, but even more fun when you can incorporate them into real life. These Portal bookends are awesome and functional. Product Specifications Bookends for test subjects at […]

The Biolite Camping Stove Never run out of battery on your next camping trip. With the Biolite camping stove, you can charge your mobile device by simply burning wood in the stove. Here is a video of Biolite camping stove in action.

Designer Igor Mitin from Kazakhstan design agency GOOD created interesting packaging concepts for ZEN parfumes. He used elements from nature to create a unique shape for each bottle