Print your family photos on wood

Try This: Print Your Family Photos On Wood

Print picture on plain paper. Coat piece of wood with mod podge. Turn picture upside down on wood, press and let dry overnight. Next day using water and your hands rub paper off wood. Your picture has transferred onto the wood. Cover with more mod podge.

Old window frame oh I love this!!

Old window photo frame . Black and white photo behind a painted frame. This would be adorable with the pic of wy with his hands up to his face with a black framed window.and in black and ahhh moment!

Photos on metal. INEXPENSIVE!!! Metal only costs 33 cents! This blog shows how to put pictures on metal. Super easy and great gift idea that is definitely different.

DIY photo on metal, photo on wood - uses pictures printed on a regular laser printer

Window Picture Frame

I Am Momma - Hear Me Roar: Old Window Turned Picture Frame with saying the secret to having it all, is knowing you already do.cute with family pics.

wood planks (or rulers broken) add floral papers to each and sand down to make rough. Add thick pic on top of planks

Photo Frame, Shabby Chic from Through the Country Door® ~ I thought it would be a diy project, but alas.

more old windows

Turn an old window into a photo frame! Such a smart idea! Plus looks great in your home! via dishfunctional designs Old Salvaged Windows upcycled recycled DIY photo frame home decor from old window

DIY sliding photo board for pictures on hertoolbelt

Picture Board

Picture Board - Her Tool Belt Picture Board - Her Tool Belt Tutorial to build this simple picture board. The photos slide on and off the b.

Fotowand voor in de hal, steigerhouten bord met daarop een verzameling van allerlei fotolijstjes...

Photo wall in the hall, pier wooden sign with a collection of various picture frames .

Platgeslagen doppen op een fotolijstje.

recycle bottle tops into a cool, retro, mod picture frame. Hammer the caps flat, lay out, glue down and bend around the edge of the frame. Try around a mirror frame for the basement

Nieuwe Instawall maat! 4 bij 8 foto's, 120 x 60 cm. Verkrijgbaar op drie materialen. Met jouw eigen foto's :)

Nieuwe Instawall maat! 4 bij 8 foto's, 120 x 60 cm. Verkrijgbaar op drie materialen. Met jouw eigen foto's :)