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This is a photograph of an original hand drawn design done with finepoint sharpie on Bristol board. The print is on thick quality 9 x 6 paper!


Draw Bashful from the Seven Dwarfs

How to Draw Bashful from the Seven Dwarfs. Bashful is one of the seven dwarves from the 1937 Disney animation Snow White. This tutorial will show you how to draw Bashful in a few easy steps. Draw a circle with guidelines for the head.

Black & With flowers

another pinner>>I love drawing these kind of flowers and love coloring them in while watching TV.

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Ff een bakkie doen?

Christmas Cards hand drawn 15 cards by SupergrimesEmporium

Christmas Cards - hand drawn - 15 cards

Panzee by Melissa Sansom

What I really love about this pattern is the zen aspect: Repetition, repetition, repetition.