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'Soms moet je van iemand afscheid nemen om te voorkomen dat je afscheid neemt van jezelf.'

Who is the Narcissist? – This is a rant

I don't care if my ex friend is going to tell everyone what I have done to her but she'll probably forget to tell them what she did to me that lead to the end of an 8 year friendship....

TAG A FRIEND It's that easy for you to forget her? It's that easy for you to move on as if nothing ever happened, right? She'll be fine without you. Watch and learn. #SweetzThoughts

Have your ex girlfriend. Have her. Why should I sit around and wait for you when I know you're flirting with someone else? I know. I'm not stupid. You lost something real good. I'm not giving up. You gave up on me a LONG time ago. So I hope you're happy. I'm not doing this shit anymore.

One of my favorite quotes:)

Hier vind je dagelijks mooie,leuke,lieve,grappige,sarcastische, soms onzinnige quotes en teksten met een knipoog ;-)

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