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a pink sticker with an angel on it's face and wings in the shape of a pig
the cute little animals are all different colors
a red and white cow with a big mushroom on it's head
Mushroom kawaii cow
a cartoon hamster with an orange on its head sitting in front of a white background
Orang on hed
three little pigs sitting next to each other
a cartoon cow with flowers on its head
an anime scene with the sky and buildings in the foreground, some clouds above them
an image of a gummy bear in a candy jar with bubbles and candies
Bubble Tea
some cute little cats in a cup with ice cream and strawberries on the table
the wallpaper is very colorful and has teddy bears on it, rainbows, clouds, and stars
56 Pastel Aesthetic Wallpapers (2022 Guide)
56 Pastel Aesthetic Wallpapers (2022 Guide)