DIY this Classy Cotton Wool Disk ( make up remover) Holder from a Pringles Tube. Painted and decorated with glue on rhinestones (*^ー゚)b I have pringles can in the craft room!

Not for shoes, but will use empty Pringles cans for something like this.

Colourful project with paper: Shoe holder, I think putting kids art work inside would be a great idea

Empty Pringle cans turned into candle holders

Empty Pringle cans turned into candle holders - Great . glue on twine then fit candle holders in the top (put weight in bottom to make less tippy.

DIY - magazine rack could use pringles cans

Upcycled tin cans. I have a lot of wrapping paper, fabric, etc that could fit perfectly in these! Great idea for magazines and papers.