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One day I will be able to center this amount of clay: that is my affirmation of the day! #potterywheel
Throwing Tiny Porcelain Vases - Matt Horne Pottery - YouTube

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Oh Tannenbaum - YouTube

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Pottery video, so satisfying to watch!

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boites raku, Karin Dessag
Great handles

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Haus-Nummer Sonne - Hausnummern in einem zeitgemäßen und außergewöhnlichen Design: Die frischen Farben und das in Handarbeit gearbeitete sonnig-freundliche Motiv bringen Ihr Entree zum Strahlen.

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Deconstructed Ceramic Furniture – Fubiz Media
pottery hand built slab bowls | Serving Bowl. 7.5 inch diam. Hand-made. Slab Built. Stoneware

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How to Make Ceramics Using Molds
As I have been making moulds the last couple of days, I'd thought I'd share with you how to make them. Moulds are very useful for repetitive...
HOW to Recipe For Making Ceramic Slip Tutorial howto - YouTube

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a woman is making a vase out of clay
a person is using a sponge to clean a large white vase on top of a table
a person holding a flower in front of two doughnuts on a wooden table
Circle Hanging planter,modern unique home décor, Vase for flower, Japanese hanging vase
four images of different shapes and sizes of toilet paper holders, including one with a hole in the middle
Matte Circular Donut Vase, Ceramic Donut Vase, Black Donut Vase, Circle Stoneware Vase, Scandi Ceramic Vase, Ceramic Vase for Pampas