Jason Op Gezichtboek

Jason Op Gezichtboek

Jason Op Gezichtboek
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i could never get a sleeve in this style, but man is it beautiful work!

Genko is a japanese tattoo artist, born in 1972 in central Japan. Started tattoing when he was heavy metal lover, he’s really skilled in freehand tattoing. His style is an amazing mix between traditional japanese tattoo themes and manga/anime style.

Coolest infographic ever!!    Can't believe how big the Video Game share is!

This infographic borders between a map and a pie chart. It uses a map of the Star Wars ship as the base of the pie chart which I think is really creative and interesting to look at

CLAUDE - T-Shirts basic - Blauw

ZAC - T-shirt basic - sky blue @ Zalando.

SUPER Classic Black. my favorite!

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