Henri Matisse with cat

Famous artist Henri Matisse relaxing outdoors, cuddling his beloved cat. Artists seem to have a tendency to be real "animal people".

Picasso with cat

Pablo Picasso Flavorwire has posted a photo gallery of famous artists posing with their feline friends. Among the top cat fiends in the art world: Chinese artist Ai Wei Wei owns 40 cats, and Andy W.

Mark Twain and kitten

Samuel Clemens and a kitten! "When a man loves cats, I am his friend and comrade without further introduction" - Mark Twain

William Wegman and his Weimaraner

Photograph of artists with their dogs. William Wegman and one of his many famous pooches. Photo by Tim Mantoani.

William Anderson Coffin with dog

The William Anderson Coffin papers have been fully digitized and are now available to view on our website. William Anderson Coffin of New York City was a landscape and figure painter and.

Wassily Kandinsky and his cat, Vaske

Wassily Kandinsky with his cat. I think I want to do a series of paintings of my artist friends with their cats/pets.

Sculptor Alexander Calder (1898–1976) with his dogs

Modernist painter Chenoweth Hall (standing) and author Miriam Colwell (seated) in front of post office in Prospect Harbor, Maine, with their dogs “Lassie” and “Stormy,” ca.

Lowell Nesbitt sitting with his dogs

Lowell Nesbitt sitting with his dogs in front of his artwork (Jack Mitchell,

Leo Castelli with Castelli's dog Paddy Boy

The Dog Days of August continue…from left to right: Claes Oldenburg, Paddy Boy the Dalmatian, Leo Castelli. Claes Oldenburg and Leo Castelli with Castelli’s dog Paddy Boy, between 1970 and 1990 /.

William and Ira Glackens with a dog, 1937

Citation: William and Ira Glackens with dog, 1937 / unidentified photographer. Ira and William Glackens papers, Archives of American Art, Smithsonian Institution.

Andy Warhol and pet

Andy Warhol in his studio with Robert Indiana and cats, Andy loved animals, and we’re not sure if these are his studio cats, but it’s worth noting that the artist once owned 25 cats — all named Sam.