simple storage solution wall to ceiling with simple/inexpensive lighting solution

Smart Cake - generation of spotlights which combine technical ingenuity with timeless design. The new spotlights can be combined with Smart Mask or Smart surface box to form the perfect solution for any interior. Choose from a white or black structure.

Garderobe - Praktischer Schuhschrank, v.a. für Kinder- und Sportschuhe

39 bonnes idées pour ranger ses chaussures !

wasmachine inbouwkast - Google zoeken

The raised washer/dryer allow for easier access. Put your basket of clothes on the pull out shelf underneath and make doing laundry easy!

Old Bearhurst by Duggan Morris

Old Bearhurst by Duggan Morris Architects

Finding contemporary architecture in the British countryside is a rare event, yet London-based architects Duggan Morris haves designed a structure with a very