Meer ideeën van Cristina

So unglaublich wahr!

American Idol Winner Lee DeWyze Marries Jonna Walsh by Marianne Wilson

Glittery perfection. Photography by / Shoes by Benjamin Adams / #americanidol


Reminds me of a few places I worked for...and few that are out there...

SomeEcards - never mistake my silence for weakness...


Dejà poo. The overwhelming feeling that you've heard that shit before... | Breakup Ecard |

Can you die from constipation? I am a little concerned with how full of shit you are...

@Alex Jones Jones Jones Ksikes Melendez ves eso le tengo que decir a tu mama cuando me dice peleon

This is something I would say in real life... because I don't have a filter... inside thoughts become outside thoughts before I even know it!