Cada tap amb la seva ampolla!

Bottle and lid matching activity - great idea for an OT activity! Definitely targets fine motor skills, visual motor, and cognitive skills! So simple!

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Nice set up for a traveling therapists to use clothes pins for: practice fine motor skills, color recognition/matching, and more.

jumbo craft sticks with magnet strips. Use them for color or number sorting paper clips. Or patterns!

"busy bags" I absolutely loved this one. These are jumbo craft sticks with magnet strips glued on. Then get some jumbo colored paper clips. They can sort colors or make any kinds of patterns with the paper clips.

great for fine motor

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The bolts are graded in diameter for a more difficult exercise. Five slotted bolts and stubby screwdriver. Designed by a Montessori teacher to aid the development of eye-hand coordination and teach a practical skill.

Fine Motor Skills

Toothpicks and a Shaker (great fine motor activity for 2 year olds +). My little purple fairy (E) loves to put toothpicks in this parmesan cheese shaker (bought from the Dollar Tree).

DIY pattern sort and drop fine motor game for toddlers

Toddler Pattern Sort and Drop Game

Make a toddler motor skills activity using pattern cards to sort and drop! Early maths and fine motor skills in an easy, DIY game with recycled materials.