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Illustration created by artist and illustrator 'Moon' Concept Art, Croquis, Character Design, Character Art, Comic, Characters, Clowns, Character Design Inspiration, Red Cross
Illustration created by artist and illustrator 'Moon'
a drawing of a woman surrounded by many different eyes, with her head tilted to the side
a woman with green hair and makeup wearing a tie
the silhouette of a person holding an umbrella
a hand holding a piece of paper with a drawing of a dragon on it
Fantasy Art, Kawaii, Art Reference, Cel, Arty
various silhouettes of bugs with eyes and legs, including one on the ground while another is
a black and white image of the mouth of a monster's teeth with sharp fangs
several hands with different expressions and gestures drawn in black ink on white paper by person
the silhouettes of zombie hands are shown in various positions and sizes, including one for each hand
Zombie hands by blurredpixels