Ilana Shannon Volwerk

Ilana Shannon Volwerk

Ilana Shannon Volwerk
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In order to choose a tattoo design, small tattoo designs for girls are the most preferable ones. Generally, these kind of tattoos are preferred by classy

Example of Viewpoints Composition

Rúrí . Water Vocal. Endangered. 2007

Water-Vocal_E-Slider - Icelandic artist Ruri

I have been looking for sets, or scenes which are very bleak and bare which gives an idea of a post apocalyptic landscape. This ties in with my whole concept for Hamlet in the style of Artaud, and …

dontpostme: “ Waterfall (Installation view, Minding the world, ARoS AArhus Kunstmuseum, Olafur Eliasson ”

i.p.v. lampen glazen flessen, al dan niet met brief erin? (hoewel ook met lampen een heel mooi effect)

Water Balloon Room (installation) Torafu Architects for Konika Minolta Eco & Art Award

lighting running water - Google Search

Water Projection - i love the colours used for this water projection, i also like how it has a ripple effect like water - very effective!

minimalistic Gandalf birds text quotes eagles The Lord of the Rings simple background wallpaper background

"Fly you fools" -Gandalf

Adorable antler tons more #fall printables

Adorable antler tons more add quote in the middle and stick into a frame!

kittiehoshino:  For all you two faced people out there!

For my own two faces that I'm choosing to leave in the past. Love me or leave me.

I will stand tall with the trees

Natural looking black pine trees on rib. Two trees are bigger than others and together creates perfect contrast and beautiful view.