I love these arrangements, I think I could duplicate this in silk flowers.

myfemmeownself got these from our covelles and danielles, and they sais do you want the ferst few then none more? myfemmeownself sais bring them all even if they line the shrubs! as each of them are special loves to myfemmeownself, each and every day!

moss wreath - can't read anything on this blog, but I love the wreaths!

moss wreath plain green, round or heart shaped attached to the door with ribbon.

nice tulips

Angelique Tulips

Exclusively for You. Bundles of white tulips in a round glass vace." x Handcrafted in the USA of imported materials.

Dekoration | Ein Meer aus Blüten Mehr


Today’s homeowner is always looking for ways to increase their home value through interior decorating. A lot of people are not good at interior decorating.

Like this decoration (its for easter) but I would take the eggs off) like the idea of mounting a wooden slack vertically on the wall then have flower garland and glass jar on it, I would put a pillar candle in the jar

Easter decoration - create any year round theme with variations of content