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Wavy Mirror Diy 🪞😍
Como fazer Origâmi de Gato
Faça seu próprio Origâmi de Gato em casa
DIY Paper Bowl Craft - A Fun Recycling Idea for Old Newspapers
🌿 Get creative with this DIY paper bowl craft made using old newspapers and PVA glue! ♻️ I transformed a simple kitchen bowl into a unique paper bowl by layering and shaping paper on its surface. Once dry, I added a touch of originality by drilling small holes to give it a distinctive look. 📰🗞️ It's a fantastic way to recycle and repurpose old paper, turning it into something functional and stylish! 💡🎨 #DIYPaperBowl #RecycledCrafts #NewspaperArt #EcoCraftIdeas 🌎♻️ Take a kitchen bowl and cover it with plastic wrap to protect it from damage and to easily remove the paper bowl form later. Next, take old newspapers or sheets of paper and tear them into small pieces. Using PVA glue, apply several layers to the bowl's surface. Wait for it to dry. The next step is to make paper pulp. S
DIY - Vide poche en papier maché
Vous avez des vieux papiers/cartons qui trainent chez vous ? Plutot que de les jeter, réalisez un joli vide poche en papier maché. Tous les details sont sur mon blog.
a close up of a bunch of sea shells on a wicker table cloth with other items in the background
Clay Bead Garland, Handmade Clay Beads on Jute, Coastal Tassle Garland, Boho Wall Decor
white beads and tassels on a wooden box
Shop — Harper + Wilde- Harper and Wilde
Decorative clay garland | Clay beads | Clay home decor | Stone finish clay chain | Minimalist | Boho
Hand-made decorative clay garland. This decorative clay garland in textured grey stone finish and natural white is a beautiful addition to your décor and can be decorated in several ways. It is a decorative piece perfect to be displayed in office, on a desk, coffee table, side table, shelf decor or any spot in the warmth of your home.
Estrellas de navidad Con luces- DIY
Difficulty: Easy Materiales: • Varillas de madera • hilo o mecatillo • luces