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Hendrik Kerstens is a Dutch artist whose photography is quite extraordinary.

Hendrik Kerstens

Available for sale from Danziger Gallery, Hendrik Kerstens, Cosy Pigment Print, 60 × 50 in

© Stephen Jones, 2004

Hats: An Anthology by Stephen Jones - Wash and Go by Stephen Jones. Courtesy of justinephotography

© Erwin Olaf

★ 'The Master & the Girl' Ymre Stiekema by Erwin Olaf for Vogue Netherlands October 2013 [Editorial] - Fashion Copious

Hendrik Kerstens

Available for sale from Amstel Gallery, Hendrik Kerstens, Refuse veil 100 × 80 cm

Hendrik Kerstens

Photograph by Hendrik Kerstens. It looks like a painting by an old Dutch Master. It's really a photograph of a woman with a plastic bag on her head. Love it.