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Nail Salon at Home!😍 It doesn't get any easier than this, sisters! Try these new things now!🥰
a christmas playlist with the words cozy christmas playlist written in red and white
Cozy Christmas Playlist — West Coast Capri
a brown leather chair sitting on top of a carpeted floor
Way to go E-V-O-O!
Pets are great - they add to your family, they don't judge you, they provide unconditional love, they scratch up your lea...
Nifty - 7 Bullet Journal Hacks | Facebook
Journaling Hacks
a wooden cross sitting on top of a cement floor next to a garage door and another object in the background
DIY:  Cheap Easy Cavaletti
There are better ways to construct more sturdy and proper cavaletti, but I just wanted a cheap easy fast project requiring limited carpentry skills and with materials I had on hand. I used a few 2…
an open notebook with the words happy birthday written on it
an open notebook with numbers and arrows drawn on the pages, which are labeled how to draw a beginner
Bullet Journaling: Tips, Tricks, & Tools - Zealous Mom
Are you addicted to your Bullet Journal? Check out these tips, tricks, & tools to expereince even more fun and success.
a woman with her hands in her pockets and the words oversize knitted sweater free pattern
Oversized knitted sweater - FREE PATTERN. Easy step by step guide on how to knit this stylish sweater.
there are three blankets sitting on the couch
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Free Crochet Pattern: Jenni's Favorite Chunky Throw Blanket
mason jars filled with fall leaves and some glue to make them look like they are floating
5 DIY Fall Decorating Ideas For Home
Made this! Fall Leaf, Mason Jar Candle Holder | 35 DIY Fall Decorating Ideas for the Home | Fall Craft Ideas for Adults