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Game of Thrones Dress-stunning dress, the subtle leaf motif in the fabric, love the twisted branch/vines and clothe flowers and leaves

The Ultimate Dandies, by Karl Lagerfeld for Numero

Don't tell me men's Regency fashions are making a comeback!The Ultimate Dandies, by Karl Lagerfeld for Numero Homme - fashion

Game of Thrones costumes detail�

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Brown tweed jacket, Blue grey oxford shirt, floral tie, grey lapel pin, rose gold tie clip OMG THAT TIE THOUGH

The Neckclothitania, a satirical pamphlet from the early 19th century, detailed methods of tying cravats

By 1790 the stylish neckcloth increased in such volume as to wholly engulf the shirt collar and encroach on the wearer’s chin. Neckcloths adopted many bizarre forms with equally amusing names.

Classic Men's Wedding Fashion Inspiration

17 of the Best Boutonnières for the Boys

25 Dapper Gents: Style inspiration for grooms. We love these unique ideas for grooms wear! It's not just about the big white dress; dress your man in style.


menneedmorestyle:completewealth:C/o: menneedmorestyle File under: Oxfords, Wing tips, Brogues, Briefcase

red dreads, tattoos, guages, and piercings, this girl got it all! <3

I love a lady I’m a little bit afraid of (16 Photos)

Portrait - Black and White - Dreads - Dreadlocks - Tattoos - Ink - Photography - Pose