Deurmat tegen je muur..... Zelf maken? Zie

Home Decor Ideas ~ Dollar store - outdoor black rubber door mat, spray paint with Heirloom White from Home Depot, sand to get a rustic feel (Definitely trying this out! For inside or outside decor).

Blikken (of oude bloempotten) bekleden met behang - leuk idee voor een bloempot

Homevestures: 'Good Earth' Design - tin cans covered in wall paper! Great used as planters for moss as shown, flowers or ferns, or plenty of other uses like stationery or in the kitchen for utensils.

Frame a Place to Hang Your Keys!

Frame a Place to Hang Your Keys!

An old picture frame and a few small cup hooks can be turned into a great place to keep your keys organized. Just remove the glass from the frame and insert the hooks to hang your keys. – 150 Dollar Store Organizing Ideas and Projects for the Entire Home