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there is a pair of skis hanging on the wall next to some other items
Woodwork: Here Is The Whole Truth You Need To Know - Jack's Woodworking
I have constructed a small set of shelves using vintage handsaws as a structural component. Unit is 29 h x 13 w x 6 deep. The three shelves are 12 wide and from top to bottom 5.5 ,4 ,2.5 deep. The two handsaws were from the 70s and early 8os. Shelves are made of pine, entire unit has a clear coat on it to protect it. A very unique piece of work in which to show off your collectables on. #woodworkingtools
an elephant head mounted to the side of a wall with wood planks on it
Diese tolle Wandlampe wurde aus einer alten verrosteten Schaufel und einigen alten Brettern und Leisten gefertigt. Die Schaufel wurde bei Betonarbeiten benutzt und war vollständig mit altem vertrockneten Beton bedeckt deswegen habe ich sie in einem langen Prozess von den
a remote control sitting on top of a wooden stand next to a black ball ornament
Repurposing a Vintage Wood Planer - Scavenger Chic
two bookends made out of wood with books on each shelf and one holding a knife
there are many different tools on the wall
Antique Woodworking Tool Board
an old wooden box filled with lots of tools
an old wooden box filled with different types of tools
an old wooden coat rack with six hooks and five knobs on the top, hanging from a white wall
Old hand drills and barnwood make a great coat rack