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25 Stunning and Creative Product/Industrial Designs | From up North

Samsung shows off its 85-inch curved TV that bends with the touch of a button (video)

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Conceptually this is really interesting, wouldnt be able to bring it anywhere but it looks really cool

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Borderline Geniuses

SeaOrbiter to begin construction by year's to come and for the future. The ship is slated to measure 170 feet (51 meters) tall, but to stabilize the vessel over half of the vessel would stay below the surface, providing all sorts of collection systems and useful tools. Not only does it look like something out of Minority Report, but the SeaOrbiter is 100% sustainable. The ship's power is set to come from solar, wind and wave power with biofuel in an emergency.

Coolest Multi-Display Computer Setups This is a cool office idea. Incensewoman

iOptik contact lens for HUD/augmented reality. Display systems built into the lens and allows user to see both the projected image/data and real surroundings in focus simultanesously.

I want this mouse! Simple Ideas That Are Borderline Genius (Geek Edition) – 27 Pics