DIY Baby Shower

How to Make a Diaper Wreath. A beautiful diaper wreath is a unique, easy to make gift that can serve as a decoration until it's used by the mom-to-be. It requires fewer diapers than a diaper cake and takes up less room because it can be.

Baby Shower Gift

Diaper Basket Baby Shower Centerpiece via Etsy. crafty-and-diy-baby-gift-ideas

Diaper Tea Cup. Great Baby Shower Gift

This is a cute idea for for a small baby gift, like to leave as a surprise for a coworker who wasn't expecting anything or as decor for a tea/ ladies luncheon themed shower!

OwnAShop - A WeeJaz's STORE : Diaper Pizza

A Pizza Special Delivery for the special Baby made of Premium quality diapers (Pampers 'NB' Size) with little gifts and toys for the little girl. A really special gift that will truly be useful!

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Eating sprinkles is considered a ritual for dutch people when celebrating the birth of a child.

Building It On Pennies: Diaper Tub

Building It On Pennies: Diaper Tub - Duck in a Tub Diaper Cake Instructions …

Baby sock bouquet tutorial - great idea for a baby shower gift.

BABY SHOWER GIFT: Easy video tutorial for how to make a baby sock rose, and instructions on how to make your own baby sock bouquet. A unique, useful and beautiful gift to make for any new Mom!

centerpieces for a baby shower - cute

Rubber Ducks Baby Shower Party Ideas

Great idea for a center piece of a baby shower! You can use pink or blue marbles found at any hobby or craft store, even Walmart. pick up some cheap glasses at your dollar store and rubber ducks.