alte Säge (old sawmill)


Dorsey Residence / Coates Design

Cabin in Finnish Forest. Dream home.huge windows in the woods so you feel like you're living with nature and not just in it.


Fence with ombre the railing and the wood siding contrasts.On a sandy cul-de-sac in Stinson Beach, California, architects Matthew Peek and Renata Ancona built an elevated modern structure beside a modest bungalow.

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Instantly Feel the Burn With This 4-Minute Arm and Ab Workout

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Robert Street House

Welcome to Ideas of Robert Street House article. In this post, you'll enjoy a picture of Robert Street House design . We pick this Robert .


Elliott Ripper House by Christopher Polly Architect. Architect Christopher Polly has designed the Elliott Ripper House in Sydney Australia.

By opening up the side of an A-frame hut and adding on a glassed-in addition, architecture firm dmvA brought sunlight into a house outside Antwerp, Belgium. Photo by Frederik Vercruysse. Photo by: Frederik Vercruysse

Medallion by Webb & Brown-Neaves

The Medallion Webb & Brown Neaves architecture exterior design facade tree green rectangular garage multi level Floreat Australia white white walls residence - Dream Homes

Uitbouw, mooie raamverdeling

Modern extension, love the glass in steel Uitbouw, mooie strakke raamverdeling