Green smoothies

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Groene smoothie van avocado spinazie en banaan Avocado – 1 Spinazie – 150 gram (verse spinazie) Banaan – 2 Yoghurt – 200 ml

Lekker en gezond: een Avocado Kiwi Smoothie!  De twee superfoods avocado en kiwi staan centraal in deze frisse groene smoothie. Zo krijg je de gezonde vetten en vitamine E uit de avocado, plus een megadosis vitamine C en vezels van de kiwi binnen!

Avocado Kiwi Smoothie with honey and lime. Ingredients ½ perfectly ripe large avocado 2 kiwi- peeled ⅛ C lime juice + 1 T ⅛ C Almond milk, soy milk, coconut milk, aloe juice, fruit juice- just enough to get the blender going. honey to taste T ice cubes

The Ultimate Superfood Shopping List - Im adding a new superfood to my shopping list each week. #superfoods #cleaneating

Always keep a superfoods list on hand. Superfoods are key for any grocery shopping list. This is the best superfoods list to have on hand.